VAPS and National Photography

Brief History

Camera clubs have existed in Melbourne since the 1890s, and an umbrella organisation called the Victorian Photographic Affiliation was formed in 1908. This guided amateur photography in Victoria for the next four decades. The Victorian Association of Photographic Societies was formed on 27 September 1952 and comprised 12 clubs. This has grown to more than 70 clubs.


The objectives of VAPS are much as they were nearly 100 years ago and are as follows:

  • To advance the art of photography
  • To further the interests of affiliated bodies
  • To draw up regulations governing exhibitions and inter-club competitions
  • To arrange an exchange of guest lecturers and demonstrations on any subject relating to photography
  • To arrange an exchange of prints between clubs
  • To arrange periodical conventions of the members of the affiliated bodies and guests
  • To arrange the publication of an official journal or news sheet


VAPS is a non-profit association that is entirely self-funded.

The Association is run by an elected Committee of Management which is responsible for the operations of the Association, and for ensuring the Association fulfils the objectives.