Bendigo Camera Club

Our history

The British Journal, Photographic Almanac 1905, records that the “Bendigo Amateur Photographic

Association (Club)” was first established in 1894.

Its purpose was to provide a supportive and social atmosphere in which like-minded members may learn, improve and share their experience of photography with others.  Regular meetings were held at the Bendigo School of Mines in McCrae Street.

At the time of Federation (1901) the Club boasted more than 20 active members.

In 1903, the Club finally opened their doors to allow women to become active members.

The Club continued to operate until 1914 at which time Australia agreed to support England in fighting the Germans as part of World War-1.

There is little available history of what happened to the Club from this date until it re-formed as the

Bendigo Camera Club Inc.  in 1954.

Our Club continues to grow with almost 60 members participating.

Our purpose

The aim of the Bendigo Camera Club is to provide a forum for like-minded people to:

  • to improve our photography skills;
  • to share knowledge and exchange ideas; and
  • to find every opportunity to go out and take photographs.

Come along to our next meeting & get to know us! - it may be the beginning of new friendships as well as interesting new insights into the wonderful world of photography.