Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club

Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club (BVCC) was formed 30th July 1990 and was started by Mr. David & Jenny Craker when they moved into Hallam.  David who had previously been a member of Oakleigh Camera Club, was hoping to find a club close to his new home. He called the city of Casey arts officer, only to be informed that there wasn’t a Camera club in the local area, the nearest one being in Dandenong, although that was closing.

David advertised in a local paper to see how many people would be interested.  After the initial forum, and one meeting later, the first AGM was held on the 30th of July 1990 at the Eumemmering Secondary College Hallam.

Founding Members

David Craker, John Topp, Brian Pott, Jenny Craker, Don Pennell & Phil Charter who held positions on the original committee.

Original Club members at the start

Fred & Naomi Craker, Dorothy Topp, Sharon Russell, Nola Hamilton-Stone, Gordon Stone, Elsa McCallum, Jean Brooks, Muriel Spencer, Silvia Mazzarella, Doreen Lawson, John McCormick, Stephen Roska, Paul Ryan, Peter Lawlor, Elizabeth Garvey, George Petrie and John Seatory.

The club grew quickly and in the early 1990’s it had 73 members.

Club Presidents Past and Present:

1990 David Craker

Mario Suban Peter Williams Gordon Stone Marie Cleland Sue Cramer

Shane Pendlebury SSVAPS 1995 - 2010

Rosie Appleton 2010 -2013

Chris McCaughan 2013-2014

Rosie Appleton 2014-2016

James Millward 2016-To-date

In 2010, BVCC celebrated its 20 Years with several events culminating in an Anniversary Dinner.  In July 2014 BVCC held a Photo Expo over 3 days with talks and competitions hosted by BVCC, with local companies exhibiting.

Currently as of the end of October 2018, the club has 50 financial members of all ages and abilities,

so can still be seen to be active and vibrant, holding 7 internal AGGs a year as well as competing in several inter club competitions with other local clubs.

So even after 28 years BVCC continues to support and promote the fun of photography among its members. We meet most Mondays throughout the year and offer a wide and varied calendar of events.  We also have a mid-week group that meets most weeks called Thursday Snappers which has its own calendar of events. As a club we continue to welcome photographers, young and old,

novices through to experienced.  Check out our website for further details, our Facebook page or also on Instagram.

All ways to stay in touch with our members and to encourage one another in this great past time.