East Gippsland Photographic Society

Our club, the East Gippsland Photographic Society, was formed in 2008, and in February of this year (2018), we celebrated our ten-year milestone with members at Buchan, holding a barbecue lunch with delicious cake afterwards.

We currently have 55 members and this number has pretty much been static over the past 10 years. Our photographers are from many walks of life and all different levels of photography.  We have many APJA judges in our midst, as well as two life members, Elden and Shirley Marshall.

Our club is based in Bairnsdale in East Gippsland and has many people travelling a fair distance once a month to our club workshops.

We hold monthly field trips.  Also, we go away on weekends on a regular basis. We also network

with other clubs, enjoy weekends away with them, and visit many others to see what they are doing at their workshops.

We have a website and a Facebook page and are always fostering the growth of photography throughout East Gippsland.

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