Hills Photographic Society

In 2016 after many years heading the Emerald PAVE Festival’s Photography Competition and Exhibition, and receiving entries from many local and nearby photographers, Paul Bianco saw a need to start a camera club in Emerald, one that was open to all ages. An article was placed in the local paper.

The name Hills Photographic Society was chosen and registered and the club became affiliated with the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies, VAPS, which offers support and a list of judges for our competitions if required. The club first met in the old Emerald U3A building until the end of 2018. As that building had to be demolished in 2019 to make way for the Hills Hub, HPS moved to the St Joseph Catholic Church Hall. As with many organisations, HPS continued to meet via Zoom during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. Both modified workshops and competition nights were conducted. In February 2021, with an easing of Covid restrictions the club moved into the new Hills Hub at Emerald with state-of-the-art space and facilities.

Our current membership continues to grow, currently at 30+ and we have become an integral part of our local community. We cater to a range of skills and have regular events and competitions.

Our Presidents to date have been: Paul Bianco, David Jenkins, and Allan Pan.

A number of members have carried out the various committee roles and we have been grateful to them for their participation.