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I started dabbling in photography back in the mid 1970’s using this as an adjunct to my engineering research for Holden and my maritime archaeology hobby; never seeing or understanding the creative aspects to photography, although it did give me an understanding of high speed and micro photography and dark room operations. At the time I was using a Nikonos 4 film underwater camera, shown above.

In 2013 I joined my first camera club and in 2015 joined the Australian Photographic Judges Association with a view to improving my photography; since then, I have completed Level 6 training and have judged at numerous camera clubs, State, National and International competitions. I served the APJA as the Vice President and Training Director for a number of years, establishing a cohesive training program, delivering the first level 5 & 6 courses.

As a photographer my main interest was in capturing the natural world, so landscape and nature were my preferred genre. However, I was given the opportunity to complete tertiary studies in photography and in the last few years I have started exploring other genres such as portraits, macro and star photography, more recently abstract and creative images and now I am delving into time lapse and audio visual as well.

In the early part of 2024, I will be starting a YouTube channel, called Snap Judgement, discussing all things photography, but from a photographic judges perspective. So topics of judging at a National or International competition will be discussed as will bias, giving feedback, judging different genres, judging different media like: photobooks and Av’s. The photographer will not be forgotten with in-depth discussions on various topics such as, sharpness, depth of field, image evaluation, composition, advanced composition and much more.


Gestalt Theory
Art Concepts
Dynamic Symmetry
Introduction to art elements
Histogram *
Global vs Local *
Camera Operation
What does Aperture Do
Camera & lens formats
What is Depth of Field
Depth of Field
Depth of Field & Hyperfocal *
How to use High ISO *
How to achieve Sharp Images
Sharp images *
Lens Diffraction *
The Aesthetics of Photography
Aesthetics in Philosophy and its Application to Judging
Art Trends 1850 to Today
Colour Models
Sports Photography
Still Life
Underwater Photography
Abstract Art *
Abstract Art
Landscape Photography
Macro Photography
Monochrome Photography
Mobile Phone Photography
Photo Books
Creative Photography
Image Evaluation
What do Judges Look For
What were the Judges Thinking
Critically Review Your Own Work
Image Evaluation Workshop
Presentation skills
Basic Teaching Theory
Legal & Ethics
Ethics in Photography
Copyright *
How to Critique and Give Feedback
Image Editing
Image Scoring
Judging a Photo Series or Photo Essay
Judging bias
Judging Digital & Print Images
Judging Styles
Myth Busters

Note: Titles with an asterisk * are short 15 to 20 minutes presentations all others are 1 to 1.5 hour Tutorials.