VAPS Affiliation




One primary objective of VAPS is to work in the interests of photography and affiliated clubs to advance the art of photography. Membership is open to clubs and organizations that share this objective.

VAPS’ benefits include cost-effective club insurance package coverage, an annual Convention, interclub competition, and of course, a forum for photographers to exchange ideas with other like-minded enthusiasts and develop their craft.

Join process
To join VAPS you should first contact the VAPS Secretary. Assuming eligibility, the Secretary will create your club within the website system. You will then be advised of your website login details so you can enter your full club details, create a new password and make affiliation payment.

Affiliation fees & pro-rata payments

NOTE: For 2024 the affiliation fee is $2. Clubs requiring the VAPS insurance package are still required to pay $4.
Affiliation fees are based on your club or organisation’s member numbers. It is also determined by whether you choose to come under the umbrella of VAPS insurance package (@$6/member) or whether you take up your own insurance coverage separately (@$2/member). Pro-rata fees will be calculated if you join during the year with subsequent re-affiliation due at the start of each calendar year.

 Full Affiliation by Club or Society 

 Including Insurance

  • “Members” means the total membership numbers. Please try and estimate, as well as possible, the average number of members that you are likely to have during the year. The insurance company may use the number of registered members for legal purposes; a large discrepancy between numbers paid for and the actual club number of members could be an issue in the event of a claim. Where numbers increase by 10% during the year clubs are expected to remit a top-up payment.

  • Your affiliation includes one email copy of Newsbrief and a free listing in the Clubs Register on the VAPS website, Clubs are strongly encouraged to re-distribute the VAPS Newsbrief to club members. Newsbrief is sent via email to the club Secretary. Free email subscription is also available from the VAPS website under the NEWS tab; club members can subscribe there for a direct copy.

  • Full Affiliation fee includes $20 million Public Liability & other insurances including Volunteers Insurance.
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 Affiliation by Club or Society 

 Excluding Insurance

  • Clubs that opt out of the VAPS Insurance must ensure that they have adequate insurance to protect their club and members.