Why Join a Camera Club

Camera clubs, photographic societies, call them what you will, are essentially about sharing.

  • Sharing ideas
  • Sharing skills
  • Sharing problems
  • Sharing in friendships

Even when we compete with one another we are sharing; testing ourselves against the work of others to see just how good we can be. Of course, there is much help to be found in books, magazines and on the internet, but there is really nothing like the personal touch of face-to-face encounters in a club. When we discuss our problems and achievements with other photographers we learn and we grow.

And what is all this sharing about? Most importantly it is about becoming more satisfied with our photographic work. It is also about letting others know how we are progressing and about becoming more comfortable in our craft.

  • Change your viewpoint
  • Adjust your focus
  • Join the club!


What Do Camera Clubs do?

Are you looking for a group of like-minded people who are interested in photography? A camera club is the perfect place to start! With about seventy camera clubs in Victoria there is almost certainly one close to you.

A typical camera club meets either once or twice a month and offers you a chance to share your photographs with others. You will be provided with some constructive advice on how to improve your image-making, which is really helpful as we often don’t know where to start!

Judges and other speakers who offer advice also have time allocated to share their own photography work, and that can be really inspiring! Listening to advanced and professional photographers sharing their tips and hearing stories about their photography work leaves members filled with new ideas.

Camera clubs can also offer:

  • Photography outings
  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Smaller sub-groups such as post-production groups, portrait groups, HDR groups and much more. Please check details on sub-groups at a camera club near you
  • Friendship with like-minded individuals
  • Advice from judges on how to improve your image-making

To find a camera club near you please click here to go to our Find a Club.