Interclub Competitions




The aim of the VAPS Interclub Competition is to encourage and improve photography throughout Victoria and to facilitate the comparison of standards between clubs and members. In the spirit of competition, each club should have as many as possible of its members represented. Clubs are encouraged to select entries from across their range of members for the sections of Prints, EDPI & Audio-Visual entries. This provides all members with the opportunity to be part of the Interclub and have their work assessed and displayed at the annual Convention at which all images/AVs entered will be displayed or projected, every effort will be made to present all entries however it is dependent on the venue available. These rules apply to all sections of the competition including specific rules for Audio Visual entries contained in the linked documents below.

VAPS Interclub AV Rules


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Entry Requirements

  • All EDPI, Print & AV entries must be submitted through the VAPS Interclub Upload system INTERCLUB UPLOAD
  • This is an Interclub competition for Affiliated Clubs and only Clubs affiliated with the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies may enter this competition.
  • All images entered by a club must have been taken/made by current financial members of that club and must show evidence of photographic content.
  • The VAPS Interclub is an OPEN competition.
  • The current maximum projection standard remains at 1920 x 1080 pixels. This applies to all EDPI, digital images and audio-visual MP4 files.
  • Clubs can submit 15 Prints,15 EDPI images and up to 4 Open Audio-Visual entries.
  • Please refer to the website for all details regarding the Interclub entries.
  • Or please click on the GREEN BUTTON to the right of this message

    Print Delivery
  • Club Wooden boxes cannot be accepted for the Interclub due to restrictions on vehicle capacity and storage.
  • Art supply stores such as Office Works, Seniors Art Supplies or Riot Art Supplies have suitable zipped A2 Folio folders which are very suitable for transporting prints
  • Prints are to be delivered to VAPS by the day of the half-yearly meeting.
  • Please see the VAPS Newsbrief or notices sent to club secretaries regarding suitable drop-off points for prints when the Half Year meeting is conducted online.

Entry Conditions

  • Images may be enhanced or processed using image editing software.
  • The member shall have made the original image and any subsequent manipulation.
  • Any image print or digital that has been entered into a previous VAPS Interclub cannot be entered into any subsequent VAPS Interclub Competition.
  • Each club selecting entries from members having a membership of another VAPS Club must ensure with the author of the work, that the work has not or will not be submitted by other clubs into the VAPS Interclub competition.
  • If any duplication of entry occurs the VAPS Interclub Director or representative may attempt to resolve the duplication, before the Judging, with the clubs and authors concerned, failing which, all the duplicated entries will be removed from the competition.
  • Clubs and members must make every effort to ensure entries comply with these rules.
  • Where there is an issue and time permits, the maker/club will be contacted and allowed to rectify the issues and resubmit the image provided there is sufficient time remaining to prepare the entry for judging.
  • The same image or like images cannot be entered into the Print and Digital sections.
  • The competition is divided into TWO sections: The category is OPEN in all sections. There is no set subject.
  • Clubs must register all entries and upload all Digital files to the VAPS upload system by the cut-off date which is the date of the VAPS half-year general meeting.
  • When submitting an entry Clubs are responsible for ensuring that the Rules for the VAPS Interclub Competition are complied with, especially in respect of image naming, size, thickness, mounting and packaging.


  • As of 2020 clubs must upload a digital image for each print and upload in the same manner as for the digital images through the VAPS Interclub upload system.
  • The maximum dimensions are 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high with a maximum file size of 5 MB. Colour space is to be sRGB and the image is to be in the jpeg format.
  • Each club may enter a maximum of 15 x Prints with a maximum of 2 x prints per club member.
  • All different types of print including colour, black and white, photogram series, photo-essay, toned, and hand-coloured prints are acceptable, provided that the presented image shows evidence of an underlying photographic image.
  • Panoramic format prints are acceptable but shall comply with the maximum mount size detailed below.
  • Prints may be any size, up to a maximum of 40cm x 50cm (16in x 20in).
  • Prints must be mounted, and mounts must not exceed 40cm x 50cm (16in x 20in) there is no minimum mount or print size.
  • The maximum mount, matte and print thickness is 5mm. This means that 5mm foam core backing CANNOT be used. 3mm foam core backing is readily available. Images that do not comply will be withdrawn from the competition.
  • Each print must have a backing board and be properly secured around all edges of the backing board with masking tape or artist's tape, do not use Sellotape.
  • Images that are not securely matted, falling apart or have loose tape on the back that may damage other prints will be rejected and not judged.
  • All prints must have a title that must be no longer than 30 characters (only letters from the English alphabet, numbers and spaces will be allowed) and be labelled, with the maker’s name, the title of the print and the club name on the back of the print.
  • No Cellophane wrapping of matted prints.

Digital Projected Images

  • Each club may enter up to 15 x Digital Images with a maximum of 2 x images per club member.
  • Images may be created with a digital camera, created with a conventional film camera and scanned into electronic format or may be created by use of a scanner or other electronic means.
  • The maximum dimensions are 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high with a maximum file size of 5 MB. Colour space is to be sRGB and the image is to be in the jpeg format.
  • Images must be either untagged (no ICC profile) or tagged with the sRGB profile
  • Images must be able to be projected using a normal Windows-based computer and data projector.
  • Each file must have a title and the maker's name. Titles and names must be no longer than 30 characters. Only letters from the English alphabet, numbers and spaces will be allowed. 
  • Use Title case – it looks nicer.  Click the links to capitalise your titles in bulk; Captialize My Title or Headline Captilization
  • All digital files must be uploaded via the VAPS Interclub Upload system.

EXIF Metadata

  • Camera Manufacturers may offer a prize for the best image taken with their brand of camera.
  • Therefore Digital and Digital copies of Print entries require EXIF metadata, specifically Camera Type, to be included with the uploaded image.
  • The upload system is able to extract this data and provide it to the Interclub committee after the judging is completed.
  • Missing EXIF data will not affect the Interclub entry.  It will only affect the chance to win a prize from the camera manufacturer(s).

Audio Visual Section

  • As of 2024 clubs can submit up to 4 Open Audio-Visual entries, with no minimum timing but a maximum of 12 minutes with shorter durations preferred.
  • Primary image for possible use in the Catalogue must also be uploaded via the VAPS upload system.
  • The synopsis Word document must also be uploaded in the AV section of the VAPS upload system.
  • The AV description Title and Maker's name must now be entered into the VAPS upload system.


When entering the AV information, you will see the below entry section.






Submitting the AV

  • Actual AV’s must be sent via WeTransfer to; interclub email 2

VAPS Interclub AV Rules



  • Three independent and diversely qualified judges will evaluate each section.
  • As of 2024, each judge will award each image with 1 to 9 points, providing a maximum score of 27 for each entry.
  • Where there is a difference of 5 or more points between the highest and lowest points awarded for an image, the judges will be asked to reconsider their scoring and the points altered if any amendment is decided and agreed upon by the judges.
  • Audio Visual entries will be judged out of 40 points.
  • A judge must not compete in any section they are evaluating except in the extraordinary situation where the appointed judge does not attend and there are no impartial judges available.
  • Where a substitute judge has an entry in a section that they are judging (in the absence of the invited judge) he/she must refrain from judging their works.
  • The judges’ decision is final.

Awards & Trophies

  • Prints
    The VAPS Interclub Competition Trophy for Large Prints will be awarded to the club with the highest total score.
  • Digital Images
    The VAPS Interclub Competition Trophy for Digital Images will be awarded to the club with the highest total score.
  • Further awards including Merit awards may be granted.
  • All scores and awards will be published in the Convention catalogue, the catalogue will be available as a downloadable PDF file from the VAPS website after the annual convention.
  • Individual Awards
  • Awards will be made to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Merit placed entries in each of the Prints and Digital sections; In the case of drawn points, the judges must re-assess the tied points to determine a winner.
  • The Viv Ball Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the top Australian Landscape Print in the competition as determined by the judges,
  • A definition for “Australian Landscape” as set out below will be provided to the judges for this award.
  • VAPS reserves the right not to award the Viv Ball trophy if no images are meeting the criteria of the definition.

Landscape Definition for VIV Ball Award

“An image presenting the beauty of the natural vistas of the Australian Inland/Countryside.

Evidence of human presence or intervention should be minimal, coastal scenes and seascapes are not included.

In the spirit of the award, preference should be given to an image containing only elements of the Natural Vista.”


Amendment to the Rules

  • The VAPS Committee may amend these rules and all clubs shall be advised in writing of all alterations and amendments as soon as possible.
  • These amendments may be discussed at the AGM. However, no alterations to these rules shall be made after the AGM for the next Interclub Competition.
  • In the event of a dispute as to the meaning of these rules, a ruling by the VAPS Committee shall prevail.

The Australian Interstate Photographic Competition

Members of clubs participating in the VAPS Interclub Competition agree, that digitally projected images will be available for selection for Victoria’s entry into the Australian Interstate Photographic competition.

  • Results of the AIPC competition will be announced in approximately September and will be included in Newsbrief, any individual awards will be advised as soon as they are made available by APS.


  • It is the responsibility of the members/authors to obtain model releases and ensure that copyright approval is obtained as applicable to all images submitted to the VAPS Interclub.
  • VAPS will not be responsible for any copyright infringement, non-disclosure or failure by the maker to obtain permissions and appropriate releases where they may be required.
  • Members submitting images must be aware and accept that the images will be displayed in a public place and as such must be suitable for general viewing.
  • Whilst all images submitted will be judged, VAPS reserves the right not to display publicly any image that is considered unsuitable for public exhibition.
  • While VAPS will take all reasonable precautions and care of entries under its control, no responsibility can be taken for accidental loss or damage.

Publications of Images

  • By submitting images to the Interclub Competition, VAPS assumes the right to display the images on the VAPS website and to publish selected images in the Convention catalogue.