VAPS Annual Convention

 2022 Convention Wangaratta

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VAPS holds an annual Convention every year where members of different clubs come together to learn more about photography. There are presentations by guest speakers, workshops, and photographic excursions to participate in and of course interaction with members from other clubs. It is a great forum for exchanging ideas about the activities of other clubs.

With the tremendous support of the Wangaratta Camera Club in 2022, the convention is organised by a VAPS Committee member, the Convention Director, who co-opts other committee members as required. In addition, a nominating VAPS affiliated club helps to host the event and their members assist in organising various aspects of the Convention. Click here to contact the Convention Director




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Features of the Conventions include:

  • Presentations by guest speakers who may be professional photographers or who may work in allied professions
  • Workshops and outdoor location photo shoots conducted by experienced photographers
  • The annual VAPS Interclub Competition
  • Saturday evening Annual dinner and Friday evening pre-convention social event
  • Presentation of awards for both years of service to one or more clubs, and for service to the photography movement in Victoria
  • The Convention Booklet, which includes the following information:
  • Details of the Convention program
  • Profiles of the lecturers and judges
  • Recipients of VAPS year bars
  • Winners of the Interclub Competition
  • Details of the Interclub Competition entries

The 2022 convention will be held in Wangaratta on 4-6th June 2022



Links below to the presentations.


“Rack ‘em and Stack ‘em - the hidden feature on many modern digital cameras”

Join Mark Rayner as he opens up a completely new world of super-sharp in-focus landscape and close-up photography.
Mark will explain the ‘Focus Stacking’ or ‘Focus Shift’ features found in today’s cameras. He will demonstrate how these cameras capture the images and then show how to put it all together in Photoshop in real-time.
Mark will also explain how you can achieve the same results using older gear without the built-in tech.


“Taking the next step into video” and the Basics of Video Photography

Join in on this fascinating overview of some of the things one would look at for video photography
Lee will talk about the basics of video, slow motion, a little bit about sound and touch on editing, and the reasons behind the importance of understanding what is required in editing. Lee will touch on knowing what shots to get when shooting.


"Nightscape Photography"

Join Luke as he discusses the amazing world of the landscape at night. How he shoots and processes his images and the techniques he uses.

“Men with Heart”

Join Paul as he presents a visual documentary on the multi-award-winning Men with Heart Project.
This is a 20-year long photo documentary project exploring and challenging the definition of healthy masculinity in Australian culture today. Paul will explore the approach to documentary work, long-term projects, sensitive subject matter and trust-building, grants and exhibitions, and how to transform projects into book form.

Presenter’s Bios

Luke Tscharke PortraitLUKE TSCHARKE 
Luke is an award-winning Australian landscape, nature, and travel photographer based in Hobart, Tasmania. His major passion is inspiring people to respect and connect with the natural beauty in the world around them.
Luke originally trained as a Quality Assurance professional with a Bachelor of Science degree and worked for some of the world’s largest food and beverage companies to ensure the quality and integrity of their products. This same meticulous approach has been instilled in his photography, where he strives to create memorable natural landscape images from locations across Australia and other parts of the world. The quality of his work has been recognised by awards in many photography competitions, publications in books, calendars, magazines, and work with corporations and charities.
Luke is a contributor to Australian Geographic Magazine and contributes images and articles to the Australian Photography magazine. He is an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and runs photography workshops across Australia.
The natural environment has fascinated Luke ever since he was a child, and has been able to merge this interest with his love of bushwalking and also has been able to photograph some of Australia’s most stunning and wild natural environments. His absolute favourite place to photograph is Tasmania, and has visited many times to explore and be immersed in the world heritage listed wilderness. In fact, he loves Tasmania so much, that he decided to relocate there from Sydney in July 2017.

Mark Rayner PortraitMARK RAYNER
Mark is a Fully Accredited AIPP Professional Photographer who has been an avid photographer since his early teens and his enthusiasm and passion for image-making now, many years later, is unchanged.
Mark’s work is as diverse as it is creative including surreal landscapes, wildlife, insects, flora, and fauna whilst keeping in touch with people through street, wedding, and portrait photography. A pre-requisite for good imagery these days, Mark is also skilled in digital workflow and post-processing of photos as well as being accomplished in the use of Lightroom and Photoshop.
Mark loves sharing his experience with you to help bring out the best in your photography. Mark runs Trekabout Photography Workshops taking you to amazing locations to learn and enjoy your passion. Mark teams up with specialist photographers to bring you the Trekabout Dream Team. Pam Jennings, West Australian expert in wild places and remote area photography, Dick Jenkin, bird expert extraordinaire, and David Metcalf, street and cultural photography expert. Between them, they will show you techniques you did not even know existed.


Paul Hoelen PortraitPAUL HOELEN
Originally born in New Zealand to a Dutch sailor and an American Nun, Paul has managed to put his four passports to excellent use before eventually settling on the beautiful, wild island of Tasmania.

Self-taught, travel-hungry, and with a healthy thirst to grow as an image-maker he thrives on the challenge and freshness of shooting a wide diversity of genres, ranging from fine art nudes, landscapes, and large-scale event photography through to fashion, travel, documentary, and environmental portraiture – though he is most renowned for his exquisite landscape imagery.

Paul is a Master of Photography in the AIPP II and Fellow of the NZIPP II, two times winner and 4 x Finalist for International Photographer of the Year in NZ, three times Tasmanian Professional Photographer of the Year, and seven times Tasmanian Landscape Photographer of the Year. He judges regularly at a state, national and international level, runs photography workshops worldwide, and writes for numerous magazines and publications. He is a member of the progressive landscape collaborative The Light Collective, an Ambassador for Asukabook fine art books and his work is represented by One Fine Print in Australia and Source Photographica in Australia and the USA.

Lee Herbert PortraitLEE HERBET
Everyone has a great story but not everyone is great at telling it. That is where Lee at Capture.Ink comes in.
Lee heads up a Melbourne-based video production company passionate about telling your story to your customers and building your business.

They do not just create beautiful videos; they understand business and marketing. A beautiful video is, well, beautiful, but if it does not achieve what you need it to, then it is just a pretty face.

Lee Herbet is a filmmaker, educator, and storyteller.
He has been creating and sharing stories for years. Lee is passionate about the art of storytelling - both artistically and technically - he loves sharing his knowledge, trials, and errors with others.

Some people have read all the books about video filming and editing but have little practical experience. Others have immense practical experience but lack vital technical understanding. Lee is a combination of both: as he has technical and practical experience, along with knowledge and understanding. is where Lee shares his stories and, hopefully, helping others who want guidance or inspiration in sharing their own stories. Lee describes himself as also a bit of a gear-head too, so, on this site, Lee will most likely discuss a fair bit about what type of kit people think is best for various tasks and how to use them.

Lee is a Certified Final Cut Pro Master Trainer, Certified Motion 5 Trainer, Certified Compressor Trainer, and a member of the Apple Consultants Network. With a Certification IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, He is qualified to deliver nationally accredited vocational training in TAFEs, private and enterprise-based registered training organisations as well as in secondary schools with vocational programs.


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