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VAPS INTERCLUBThe aim of the VAPS Interclub Competition is to encourage and improve photography throughout Victoria and to facilitate the comparison of standards between clubs and members. In the spirit of competition, each club should have as many as possible of its members represented. Clubs are encouraged to select entries from across their range of members for the sections of Prints and EDPI images. This provides all members with the opportunity to be part of the Interclub and have their work assessed and displayed at the annual Convention at which all images entered will be displayed or projected, every effort will be made to present all entries however it is dependent on the venue available. These rules apply to all sections of the competition except for Audio Visuals, which are covered by a separate document. Click here to contact the Interclub Director.

Entry Requirements

Entry Conditions


Digital Projected Images

EXIF Metadata

Audio Visual Section

  1. Clubs can submit 2 Open and 2, 3.21 AV's, being a total of 4 AV entries.
  2. Primary image for possible use in the Catalogue must also be uploaded via the VAPS upload system.
  3. The synopsis word document must also be uploaded in the AV section of the VAPS upload system.
  4. The AV description Title and Makers name must now be entered into the VAPS upload system.
  5. When entering the AV information, you will see the below entry section.av pic

  pdf Full details of the Audio-Visual Section are covered by a separate document (308 KB) pdf  by clicking on this link. (308 KB)

Click here for the AV Entry form.


Awards & Trophies

Landscape Definition for VIV Ball Award

“An image presenting the beauty of the natural vistas of the Australian Inland/Countryside.

Evidence of human presence or intervention should be minimal, coastal scenes and seascapes are not included.

In the spirit of the award, preference should be given to an image containing only elements of the Natural Vista.”


Amendment to the Rules

The Australian Interstate Photographic Competition


Publications of Images