Judging Honorarium



Travel Expenses/Accommodation/Honorarium

It is expected that Victorian Judges and Presenters will be compensated for expenses when visiting clubs. Judges and presenters give their time and energies for free, some very generously, many times each month. The least we can do is to ensure that they are not out of pocket.

ATO mileage rate is currently $0.78 per Km. Therefore for travel within the metro area of a round trip of 80Km $62.40 should be paid. (Many clubs are already paying at least $60). This amount should be increased if travel distances are high, tolls are involved AND when fuel prices rise. Compensation for country journeys and visits requiring accommodation should be discussed with the judge/presenter in advance. Most clubs are prepared to billet out the judge at a member’s home or cover the cost of a motel room. Many clubs also provide the judge with an evening meal. If your club does not intend to compensate with money for expenses, please make this quite clear to the judge or presenter when you book them.

Remote judging honorarium
Although judges are not out of pocket for undertaking remote judging (not attending the club) they often undertake a considerable amount of work over and above that when attending a club. Judges either prepare detailed audio/video recordings or written notes to allow the club to adequately present the judging comments. Therefore an amount of at least $50 would not be unreasonable. The judge should discuss this with the club prior to accepting the work.

Remote judging - return postage
Postage is calculated on weight or cubic weight whichever is the greater.
Cubic weight in Kg = Height x Length x Width x 250
for example 0.5m x 0.3m x 0.4m x 250 = 15Kg cubic weight.
So if your parcel weighs 10Kg but the cubic weight is 15Kg then you will be charged for 15Kg.
Some post offices make a mistake and just use the weight which may be significantly less than the cubic weight.
When calculating the return postage do not rely on the postage charged by your Post Office.
Please ensure that you calculate the return postage accurately and even add some stamps just in case.
The Judge will return the extra stamps if unused.
Judges should not be out of pocket for errors in the return postage cost.

Note from Australia Post: You do not need to cube Australia Post prepaid or flat rate satchels.
As the sender, you should check what the return postage will be for these.