Preston Photographic Club

Meeting Places

The inaugural meeting was held at a private house.

First regular meetings were held at the Scout Hall, Town Hall Avenue, Preston, and then moved to the Rechabite Hall in High Street, Preston in the mid-fifties.

In the late seventies the Club moved to the Reservoir Yacht Club.

In the early eighties the Club moved again to its present venue at the Preston Library Annex, Gower

Street, Preston.

Club members believe that Preston is the third oldest photographic club in the State behind

Melbourne and Ballarat camera clubs.

New innovations and advances in photographic mediums have seen the Club grow and evolve into an environment embracing all photographic mediums, bringing likeminded people together in a friendly atmosphere so they can enjoy and expand their learning experience as well as participate in this world-wide recreational hobby.

Photography can be enjoyed by all ages and backgrounds, no matter what the skill level and by whatever means so photography as an art form has no gender, race or financial barriers.  The only criteria to joining our club are an interest in photography and a willingness to learn and share.